Biometric TrackPad

Well Performed Fingerprint Recognition Solution


BTP(Biometric TrackPad) is a fingerprint recognition sensor function which CrucialTec OTP(Optical Trackpad) technologies added and it improves the general life status by providing not only HW but also related optimized

BTP(Biometric TrackPad), core product of CrucialTec, is the fingerprint recognition module based on OTP(Optical TrackPad) which is the mobile input device that CrucialTec made first in the world. It can be used for various functions like Device Unlock, Mobile Banking & Payment, Personal information security and so on. Thus, the market size has gotten bigger since it was launched. CrucialTec already has supplied BTP to over 100 handset models from around 17 manufacturers, and been acknowledged its technological capabilities world widely.



High Recognition Rate, Customer-customized Design, Price Competitiveness, Small and Slim size, Strong Security, Stable Yield Rate

High recognition
Price Competitiveness
Small and Slim size & Strong Security
Stable yield rate 


Smart Phone, Tablet, Smart Watch, Smart Glass, Smart Band, Smart Car , Smart Appliances

Mobile & Wearable
PC & Laptop
Smart Appliances
Smart mobility
IoT Device

Biometric Embedded Solution

As people become more interested in IoT devices, the importantance of safe management and use is growing up. CrucialTec's Biometric Embedded Solution is embedded fingerprint sensor, MCU and algorithm for fingerprint authentication.

  • Stand alone fingerprint embedded Kit for IoT devices

  • Kit consists of fingerprint module, MCU, Memory etc. and S/W including algorithm for stand alone operating.

  • Providing ultra-small design and Ultra-low power consumption

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