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Biometric TrackPad(BTP) is a fingerprint recognition sensor function which
CrucialTec Optical Trackpad(OTP) technologies added and it improves the
general status of life by providing not only HW but also related optimized
New product of CrucialTec who has developed the world's first Optical TrackPad has newly added fingerprint recognition function on to previous OTP's various advantages. With high technologies and know-how based powerful functionalities, BTP can be provided in various capabilities and designs which meets customer's needs and supports BTP optimized related solution & customer service.
Quick Launcher User can store favorite applications and computing actions as short-cut key for each fingerprints.
Mobile Website Log-in By storing log-in info to the fingers, user can log-in safely for user's favorite web sites without key-ing Password.
Mobile Banking and Payment User can experience enhanced security and quick payment through accessing mobile banking account with easy fingerprint authentication without complicated password.
Device Unlock BTP protects smart phone from unauthorized access.
Privacy Lock Through Fingerprint authentication user can protect personal information, such as files and folders.