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OTP, optic based input solution is a complement to touch screen and also a main input solution for non-touch devices.
Its performance has been proved by global customers such as Samsung, BlackBerry, HTC etc and shipped over 200millions.
As an optic based navigation module, OTP installed in smart phone and remote controller was generated from the concept that PC environment where users are already accustomed is adopted to mobile phone platform. PC's general functions such as navigation, click, scroll, drag and etc. are performed by mouse cursor.
Those OTP features enable leading fast-growing smart phone market and easier and innovative graphic UI implementation through various graphic performances.
The latest ultra-slim module developed by CrucialTec provides the simplicity and convenience that mobile input solutions ultimately pursue.
Step 1
OTP retrieves surface image (fingerprint, characteristics of finger surface) of a finger tip (work-space) by investigating invisible ray of IR-LED.
Step 2
Transmit the retrieved image data to image sensor (DSP) through Nano- optic module.
Step 3
The data returned from image sensor is displayed on mobile phone screen, thus making mouse movements on screen similar to computer mice.
Step 4
Behavior of OTP is superior to that of ordinary PC mouse, and completely different & outstanding UI has been designed and developed ready and fully optimized to be marketed