History of CrucialTec

CrucialTec in changes with Creative Innovations


Future Innovator


02 CEO Charles Ahn was reappointed the Chairman of Korea Venture Business Association


08  Sold Samwooems and related subsidiaries

12 Signed a Joint Development Agreement with Kolon Industry for Full Display Finger Solution(DFS) on Colorless Polyimide Film(CPI Film)


02  CEO Charles Ahn inaugurated the 9th Chairman of Korea Venture Business Association


03  Selected as Excellent disclosure corporation by Korea Exchange 
06  Launched new fingerprint IC & Algorithm
11  Won 2016 Industry award of Root industry by Minstry of Trade, Industry and Energy


12 CrucialSoft and CrucialChip, affiliated companies of CrucialTec, were merged, and CanvasBio were founded


02  Suwon R&D Center of transfer and name change(Pangyo R&D Center)
02  Attended MWC 2014(Mobile World Congress 2014)

05  Ranked as KOSDAQ Good Company Top 10 


02  Attended MWC 2013(Mobile World Congress 2013)
04  Joined members of FIDO(Fast Identity Online)
09  Attended IBC 2013(International Broadcasting Convention 2013)
11  Joined members of Tizen Association


01  Ranked as The World Champ Foster business(KOTRA)
01  Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2011(Deloitte)
02  Selected as Trade Champs Club(Korea Trade Insurance Corporation)
04  Lively KOSDAQ Hidden Champion Award(Herald Economy Daily)
04  Selected as a the KOSDAQ Hidden Champion(Korea Exchange)
05  Selected as KDB Global Star(Korea Development Bank)
11  Certificated 'Crucialtec Vina Hi-Tech'


03  KOSDAQ lively 2nd Hidden Champion Awarded
Selected as KOTRA world-class products World Champ foster business
03  2011, the KOSDAQ Hidden Champion(Korea Exchange)
04  300 World Class Company(Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
05  Presidential Award of Merit SMEs Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business
06  Korean KOSDAQ Grand Award, Best Techno Management Association(KOSDAQ)
06  Completion of Vietnam Crucialtec Vina
11  KB Hidden Star 500 selected(KB Kookmin Bank)
11  2011 New Biz Award in Venture Spirit(Korea Venture Association)
11  5th Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year - Rising StarAward (Ernst & Young Han Young Accounting Firm)
11  The 48th trading day of $ 200 million Export Tower Award


01  Manufacturing & Supply Chain Awards of Excellence, Excellence in Electro-Mechanical Components(RIM)
03  Korea Hidden Champion Awarded(Export-Import Bank of Korea)
07  Listed on KOSDAQ
08  Established S/W Professional Institute(Media Lab)(Seoul)
09  Selected as KOTRA Champ(World Champ) project, Enterprises
Chungcheongnam-ranked job creation excellent company.
11  2010 Korea IT Innovation Award for the Prime Minister(Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
11  70 million Export Tower Award the 47th anniversary on the trading day 
12  Chungnam National Venture Company Award
12  The second anniversary, CEO of the Global IT Award(Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
12  2010 Promotion of consumer rights Consumer Protection Awards Management Award
12  Selected as a of the Ministry of Employment and Labor top 100 creators of employment


04  KOTRA Seal of Excellence Certification(Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
05  Venture Membership Certification(Korea Venture Business Association)
08  2008 Dr. Horiba Entrepreneur Award
09  Small Business Innovation Competition President's Award(Minister of Public Administration and Security)
11  IT Innovation Award(Electronic Times)
12  World-class products and production companies ranked
12  Awarded Tower of Export of US$30Million Received a Letter of Commendation from Prime minister
12  2009 Presidential Award for job creation


02  Seoul Institute of transfer and name change(Suwon Central Institute)
04  Daejeon Regional Labor Commissioner of Appreciation - contribute stable employment and the local economy
11  The merit cooperation industry-university citation according to and element selector functions award-( the Minister of Education, Science and Technology)
12  45th Trading Day, The 1-million dollars Tower, and the Prime Minister Award 
12  2008 Chungnam Asan City Mayor's Award in the venture competition(Asan Mayor)
12  Local job creation and local employment vitalize(Daejeon City Department of Labor)


07  Part of a professional company(Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
09  Optical input device for mobile devices(Optical TrackPad), Jang Young Shil Award(Korea Industrial Technology Association)
10  Business support learning organization Statue(HRD Korea)


04  CrucialTec Seoul Research Institute(acknowledge the Ministry of Science and Technology)
10  Optical TrackPad for mobile bronze medal(Technology Competition of the Republic of Korea, 2006)


01  ISO 14001:1996 / KS A 14001:2001, WSCS
07  Recognized as a promising export(SME Export Assistance Center in Daejeon, Chungnam)
10  Optical Track Pad Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Award(10th Electronic Components Technology Award)


08   ISO 9000:2000 / KS A 9001:2001, UKAS(England)


07  Selected as INNO-BIZ(Technology Releases Technology Evaluation Centers)


04  CrucialTec Corp founded
07  Factory registered
08  CrucialTec Corp Cheonan Institute founded(acknowledged by  Science&Tech Ministry)
09  Acknowledged as Venture business(technical evaluation by Small Biz Agency)
10  Selected as performer of National medium-term strategic challenges G7 national project by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
10  Selected as performer of National medium-term strategic challenges by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

CrucialTec B/D, 62, 255beon-gil, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2501, Building A, Dachong Business Center, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China


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