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CrucialTec R&D center, starting with CrucialTec establishment, is currently located in CrucialTec headquater.

CrucialTec has continuously invested for R&D since established. As a result, CrucialTec R&D center has high-efficient developing system and many high capable researchers as well as brilliant R&D know-how. With these capabilities, it has developed the state of art technologies like Biometric Trackpad (BTP) , Optical Trackpad (OTP) and so on, and these technologies has been acknowledged worldwidely.


CrucialTec R&D Center will do its best to launch the best technology surprising the whole world by concentrating research and development.

Upcoming Product

Flexible Display DFS

CrucialTec and Kolon Industry are co-developing the Flexible Display fingerprint Solution (Flexible DFS) which is the product grafting CrucialTec DFS technology onto Colorless polymide film of Kolon Industry.

Both technologies are expected to be new trend in the near future. Thus, Uniting both technologies would make huge synergy and be noticed from global manufacturers.


It can applied to various electric device like foldable smartphone, ATM Machine, Kiosk and so on. Therefore, its growth would be unlimited and it will become the new core product of CrucialTec.

Intellectual Property

CrucialTec Intellectual Property


Patents Applied


Patents Registered


Registered Patents  Rate

by Product

Since CrucialTec R&D Center established, all reserachers steadily have tried to develop new technologies that had never existed.

With these efforts, Cruciatec has applied and registered a lot of patents so far. From estabilshment to now, R&D Center has had reamarkable acheivements as for patents.

It has applied 1500 or above patents, and registered 600 or above patents. BTP Patents are the most out of all patents that CrucialTec has. CrucialTec is currently leading the Mobile-related industries field as pioneer by possesing a bunch of brilliant qualified patents.

CrucialTec R&D Center will develop new technologies, and release them as what we have done.

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