Mobile Flash Module

Flash Module with Ultra Slim Size and High Intense Light


MFM(Mobile Flash Module) is a ultra slim size with packaged flash module which can produce high performance and high intensity light that can take excellent images even in dark condition.

Mobile LED Flash Solution guarantees higher efficiency than bare LED.

Mobile Flash Module produces high performance and high intensity light with 4 various type of products,

MFM 2.0M, High CRI MFM, Dual Flash MFM, MFM Slim.



Optimized Flash Module and lens, Center Intensity Amplified, Small and Slim size, Illumination Improved, Uniformity Improved, Customized Light Solution

BTP protects smart phone from unauthorized access.

Optimized Flash Module
and Lens
Center intensity amplified
Small and Slim Size
Illumination improved
Uniformity improved
Customized light solution


Uniformed light presents high efficiency and great quality on photos

BTP protects smart phone from unauthorized access.

  • Consists of Power LED, Reflector and Heat sink, enables the best image quality for mobile phone camera

  • It enables users to enjoy true high resolution image and great performance of using difference types of LEDs.

CrucialTec Flash Module

Flash Module of competitor

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