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Optical TrackPad

Optical Trackpad with Delicate Control


OTP(Optical Trackpad), optic based input solution, is the assistant product for touch screen and the core input solution for non-touch devices. Its performance has been proved by global customers such as Samsung, BlackBerry, HTC and so on. OTP led huge growth of CrucialTec with over 300 million shipments.

OTP(Optical Trackpad) is the product that CrucialTec developed first and has supplied to a bunch of major manufacturers. It is high-quality mobile input device possible to control delicately like a mouse. OTP(Optical Trackpad) provides users various control functions like shifting, navigating, click, scroll, drag and so on. With this functions Users can have high convenience. OTP has great scalability, so it can applied to various electronic device like remote control, automotive, PC and so on.



High Convenience, Sensitive Control, Small and Slim Size, High Scalability

BTP protects smart phone from unauthorized access.

  • An optic based navigation module for with various usability and design

  • Wide range of application such as mobile phone, smart phone, remote controller and tablet products

  • Since in 2004, it has been noted as one of the most advanced input devices for next generation handhelds

High convenience
360˚ free moving & Sensitive control
Small and Slim size
High scalability


Mobile, Remote Control, Car navigation, PC & Laptop, Printer, Digital Camera

BTP protects smart phone from unauthorized access.